1. Time!

    Updating the portfolio with some of the stuff I've been doing profesionally over the past few years.

    I must admit it's a little embarassing, going back and reading some of the things that I've got on here. But, if anything, it shows progress.

  2. PHP!

    Wasted more time, finished the php version. Added more drop shadows, because drop shadows.

  3. The Things You Learn!

    It's amazing how much you can learn in a month or two. Went to edit a few things here and before you know it spent 2 hours cleaning up the django templates, html, and css. I don't know what I had against indentation when I first made this site but damn. Got rid of a lot of janky position:relative stuff, line break abuse, and more. All that work and the site looks the same! But hey I can slap the W3C valid tag on my page now! Site also functions way better on mobile browsers.


    I'm hoping to start blogging about a few of the projects I've been working on soon. Now to update the php version.

  4. Fixed formatting!

    Fixed formatting. Went with the standard ~960px fixed width. I think I'll work on a mobile site next.

  5. Formatting!

    Broke formatting on some browsers sometimes. Realized the site was too wide...quick changes not enough. Fixing it soon.

  6. Updates!

    Reformatted my resume in divs instead of tables, should format much better in more browsers.

    Tweaked some stylistic things here and there on the site.

    Also, is mostly done. Its fully functional, go take a look. 

  7. Soon!

    I added some things to the portfolio and fleshed out some of their entries. More detailed insight is on the way.

  8. First!

    Site's almost done. I think it looks pretty alright. I'm going to reformat my resume for better browser compatibility and I'll be adding more to the portfolio section and expanding on that some. In the mean time, are you hiring?